War and Its Aftermath 5
in off―campus rooming houses, and she also taught French. The
two other female members of the faculty served with her in the
Modern Languages Department, Kathryn Wyatt in French and Nell
Dowtin in Spanish. Drs. Harold Parcell and William C. Archie, who
had formerly taught French, had gone into the army, and German
had taken leave for the duration of the war with the departure of
Prof. Robert M. Browning for intelligence duties.
Other departments had also been stripped of faculty, and no re-
placements had been hired. From the Biology Department Prof.
Charles M. Allen had gone into photography with the air corps,
leaving Drs. Bradbury and Elton C. Cocke in charge of classes and
laboratories. Drs. C. S. Black and Nevill Isbell were in military ser-
vice, leaving civilian chemistry lessons in the hands of Profs. Walter
J. "Paddy" Wyatt and John A. Freeman. Dean Bryan and Prof. Jas-
per L. Memory were handling education courses alone, with Mem-
ory serving as alumni liaison and editor as well. From English, Prof.
M. Johnson Hagood had become an army captain, and Edwin G.
Wilson, who had been a teaching assistant in his senior year, was in
the navy That left the English-teaching load to old-hand Profs. H.
Broadus Jones, E. E. Folk, A. L. Aycock, and D. A. Brown.
In classical languages Dr. Cronje B. Earp was teaching Greek and
Dr. Hubert M. Poteat, Latin. With Thane McDonald, director of the
music program, leaving soon for naval service, Dr. Poteat would
resume direction of the Wake Forest Baptist Church choir, and Al-
bertine Lefler, a music assistant, would substitute in music classes
and in the choral and instrumental groups. From the Mathematics
Department, Worth Copeland, an instructor, had gone into the navy,
and the teachers remaining were Profs. Carroll, Hubert Jones, K. T.
Raynor, and Roland Gay.
Dr. Sherwood Githens had been called away from his physics
classes to teach radio and electronics to military specialists at Har-
vard, which left Profs. William E. Speas and Herman Parker on the
home campus. Psychology and philosophy were handled exclusively
by Dr. A. C. Reid, and religion was being taught by Drs. Easley and
Olin T Binkley. The college chaplain and minister of the Baptist
church, Rev. Eugene Olive, gave them moral support.
From the social sciences Dr. Henry S. Stroupe had gone into the
navy, and the classroom loads were borne by Profs. C. C. Pearson,
Forrest W. Clonts, Carlton P. West, and L. Owens Rea. Profs. Her-
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