Convention, and Dr. Wilson Compton of New York, president of the
Council for Financial Aid to Education, were the featured speakers.
Both emphasized the importance of Christian education as the best
hope for the survival of civilization.
Dr. Warren also said that Architect Larson's first step in laying out
the college buildings was to "determine an axis. This he did by
drawing a line between Pilot Mountain and the Reynolds Building.
Every brick in every building on this campus bears a definite rela-
tionship to this axis. Pilot Mountain was created by the hand of God.
The Reynolds Building is the work of human hands. Just as these two
points constitute the line of anchorage for the Wake Forest College
buildings, so the divine and the human must be properly related in the
life of this institution if it is to fulfill the purpose of God."
With representatives of more than a hundred and seventy academic
institutions giving ear, Dr. Tribble read the litany: "We dedicate this
campus in gratitude to God for the founding fathers of this institution
and to all who have firmly built her Christian traditions; in gratitude
to all who have made these new facilities possible through their gifts,
their planning, and their work; in gratitude for the beauty of our
surroundings wherein we may live and work and grow. We dedicate
this new home of Wake Forest."
Tribble also presented a scroll of appreciation to the trustees of the
Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation which said that "through their wisdom
and leadership, emphasizing fruitful continuity with the past and
stimulating new interests and generosity in others, these trustees have
become, in a sense, the founders of the new Wake Forest."
In accepting the scroll Richard J. Reynolds, Jr., president of the
trustees, said, "The foundation's part was more like striking a match to
light a fire. I certainly want to recognize the thousands of good
Baptists who have contributed so greatly to make the new Wake
Forest become a reality You have laid the foundation for a great
university And I would like to see us continue our partnership and
build this into one of the great universities of the South."
Dr. Warren had said in his concluding remarks that "when all the
years have passed and time shall be no more, may the Divine Re-
corder note concerning Wake Forest College and North Carolina
Baptists that `this was their finest hour'." The official history of the
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