A College on the Move 117
principal benefactor of the college declares flatly that "the removal of
the college stands as one of the principal achievements of the Z.
Smith Reynolds Foundation."
And for that one man who stood in the middle, Harold Wayland
Tribble, that sparkling October day on the Reynolda campus in 1956
must also have been his "finest hour." Against odds which must at
times have seemed almost overwhelming, through harsh opposition
and cruel delays, he had done the job he had been called to do: to
create a new campus for Wake Forest College.
A few weeks later, in recognition of the battles the president had
won, Old Gold and Black reported that "Dr. Harold Tribble's position
as president of Wake Forest College is apparently stronger today than
at any time during the past few months." It said that "many of the
anti-Tribble murmurings seem to be at least temporarily quietened."
"Temporary" was an apt word, because Dr. Tribble's difficulties had
not ended. Some of his most rigorous trials lay ahead.
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