Forest campus this week and within a day over a thousand had been
"`I'm against sin!' was the theme of Wally Grimes, internationally
known, hard-hitting Bible carrier. Grimes' team of thirty-five sin-
shooters had been on the campus a week preparing the students for
the great emotional impact of the crusade…."
The Student's heavy-handed humor did not escape notice among the
Baptists. An outraged Marse Grant reprinted the entire "Wally
Grimes" spoof and the letters columns began to crackle. Rev. Paul S.
Odom, a Wake Forest alumnus who was pastor of the Bethel Church
in Southport, wrote, "If The Student represents the attitude of students
and faculty at Wake Forest College …God have mercy on us who
support such an institution." Rev. George W. H. White of the Red Hill
Church in the Anson Association wrote that "the report of the Billy
Graham meetings in the `humor' edition of The Student is about the
most disgraceful thing I have ever read." He also took Russell
Brantley to task, saying that "the writing of the book Jonathan Beam
is another disgrace to the Kingdom of God, the Christian ministry,
and to people called Baptists."
In truth the "Wally Grimes" parody did not reflect life at Wake
Forest, either in thought or in practice. Chaplain Hollingsworth had
reported to President Tribble that the Graham visit "may have been
the outstanding evangelistic effort at Wake Forest for many years." At
the end of each of Graham's four sermons, he said, from twenty to
fifty or more worshippers responded to the invitation.
Tribble and the Board of Trustees, under heavy fire in the publi-
cations uproar, considered what they must do, for much more was at
stake than a few offensive words. The situation was addressed at a
trustee meeting April 27, and regarding The Student, the board
adopted a "Declaration of Policy" offered by Judge Johnson J. Hayes.
It urged the administration to exercise more control over material
printed in student publications, adding that editors should not be
allowed to publish material which advocated violations of the law or
disparagement of Christianity. The text was as follows:
The Board of Trustees of Wake Forest College, recognizing that this
institution was established and has been maintained as a Christian college,
and desiring its continuation as such an institution, hereby declares that the
dominant policy of the college shall be to operate it, through its ad-
ministration and faculty, in a manner to merit its classification as a Chris-
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