college trustees. He said they had "worked many hours to make the
institution a better one. They are, in my opinion, good Baptists and
they certainly were duly elected by our convention. It is, to say the
least, unfortunate that their efforts should be met with a barrage of
stones…. The entire tone of the statement and the phrasing of its
charges are calculated to mislead rather than to inform …"
The regular slate of nominees for trustees at the convention that fall
included Rev. Jack Noffsinger and Tom Davis, Winston-Salem; Dr.
George Noel, Jr., Kannapolis; Rev. Tom M. Freeman, Dunn; Dr.
Carlton S. Prickett, Burlington; Walter Greer, Jr., Greensboro;
William W. Staton, Sanford; Mrs. Montrose Mull Meacham, Shelby;
Robert Pugh, New Bern; and David Britt, Fairmont (to fill the
unexpired term of Ward Barr). The ministers had both Freeman and
Noel on their own list, which was rounded out by the names of S.
Craig Hopkins, Albemarle; Forest C. Roberts, Gastonia; G. D.
Wilson, Valdese; J. Howard Thomas, Winston-Salem; Dr. W. W.
Price, High Point; Kenneth B. Wilson, Mount Airy; and James Davis
Taylor, Charlotte.
At the convention Taylor withdrew his name from the conservative
ticket, saving that he had been under the mistaken impression that the
ministers who approached him represented the convention's
nominating committee. The floor fight brewing was headed off and
the ministers' slate withdrawn when Dr. Douglas Branch prevailed on
both sides to agree to a proposal of the General Board that a
committee be established to explore "points of tension" between
Wake Forest and the convention and to make a report within a year.
The committee was to be made up of trustees, Wake Forest
administrators, and members of the General Board Executive Com-
mittee. The motion was seconded by both Rev. DuBose representing
the ministers and Dr. Tribble, and the regular trustees' slate of
nominees were elected.
That session of the convention also approved a record-breaking
budget which set aside $1,152,000 for the seven affiliated Baptist
colleges, of which Wake Forest was to get one-fourth or $288,000.
Public discussion of relaxed guidelines for the convention's election
of trustees was initiated by Rev. Carlyle Marney, a Wake Forest
alumnus who was pastor of the Myers Park Baptist Church in Char-
lotte, in an early January address to the annual conference of the
trustees of North Carolina Baptist agencies. Obviously aware of the
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