summer, and when classes reconvened in the fall, fifty-five students
were enlisted to carry the message to associational meetings.
On October 11, 1963, the trustees approved a substantive change in
the proposal, which was to be presented to the convention's meeting
in Wilmington November 12 through 14. Under the redrafted plan,
the Boards of Visitors and the Alumni Council would act only in an
advisory capacity to the Board of Trustees in drawing up the annual
list of nominees. Still envisioned was the selection each year of five
trustees with the traditional credentials and four who could be non-
Baptist or out-of-state residents. Of the total thirty-six trustees serving
at any one time (trustees are elected for four-year terms), no more
than sixteen could ever be non-Baptist or non-resident. Presumably
the North Carolina Baptist majority could protect the convention's
As a matter of historical record the final proposition to be placed
before the convention is quoted:
The Board of Trustees of Wake Forest College, in session at Winston-
Salem, North Carolina, on October 11, 1963, endorsed the following sug-
gested amendments to the Constitution and the By-Laws of the Baptist State
Convention of North Carolina to effectuate the proposed change in the
method of nomination of trustees of Wake Forest College (the suggested
amendments are in the form of resolutions to be put before the convention
for consideration):
Resolved, that Section A of Article IX of the Constitution of the Baptist
State Convention, said Article IX being entitled "Institutions and Agencies
of the Convention," be amended by adding thereto a new paragraph to be
numbered and to read as follows:
6. Beginning at the 1964 convention and at each annual convention
thereafter, five of the nine trustees of Wake Forest College whose regular
terms expire in 1964 and annually thereafter shall be nominated and elected
by the convention as provided in subsections 1 through 5, Section A, Article
IX. The other four trustees shall be nominated as follows: The Board of
Trustees of Wake Forest College shall submit to the convention's Nom-
inating Committee eight names, from which the committee shall select four,
and these four shall be nominated to the convention. The provisions of the
constitution as to residence and church membership of trustees shall not
apply to the four trustees nominated and elected in the foregoing manner. At
no time shall such trustees exceed sixteen of the thirty-six members of the
Board of Trustees of Wake Forest College. The convention's Nominating
Committee shall have the right to reject any or all nom-
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