The Trustee Proposals 145
inees submitted by the Board of Trustees of Wake Forest College for the
four trustees to be selected in the foregoing manner and to request new
nominations from the Board of Trustees. In filling vacancies which may
occur before the expiration of the regular four-year term, the successor
trustees shall be selected in the same manner as the trustees whom they
The trustees of Wake Forest College shall elect the members of its Boards
of Visitors and shall have the power to amend the charter of the college to
conform to this section and to change the name of the college to Wake
Forest University at the appropriate time.
Resolved, that Article III of the By-Laws of the Baptist State Convention
be amended by adding at the end of the first paragraph of said Article III the
Provided, however, that the provisions of this paragraph shall not apply to
as many as sixteen members of the Board of Trustees, nominated and
elected in the manner prescribed by paragraph 6 of Section A of Article IX
of the Constitution of the Baptist State Convention.
Wake Forest realized that passage of the amendments allowing the
change in the election of trustees was going to require a lot of
persuasion, because the approval of constitutional changes required a
two-thirds vote of the convention messengers. Before the resolutions
of the college trustees were published in the Biblical Recorder,
however, the report of the Executive Committee of the General Board
on tensions between Wake Forest and the convention appeared there,
in keeping with the agreement at the time the "tensions" study was set
According to the report there were three areas of sensitivity: in the
control of the college, in admissions and hiring policies, and in
communications. As to control, the board reported in part in this
manner: "We feel that Wake Forest College wants to continue its
close ties with the Baptist State Convention within the structured
relationship of the convention's electing persons to serve as trustees
who in turn elect a president to administer the affairs of the college. It
appears to us that Wake Forest wants a deepening of this rela-
As to the admission of students and the hiring of faculty and staff,
the report said that "we see clear evidence that Wake Forest College is
making every effort to accept Baptist students and is urging them to
apply for admission." It noted that there had been a
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