War and Its Aftermath 9
Walter C. Clark, '42, Baltimore, Maryland, killed in New Guinea
September 7,1943;
Hodge J. Collins, '35, Rocky Mount, radio operator on a Liberator
bomber, killed in a plane crash at Port Moresby, New Guinea,
September 2, 1943;
Walter V Collins, '39, Holly Springs, killed in France September
13, 1944;
Charles M. Cooper III, '39, Henderson, killed in the crash of a
bomber in Texas March 19, 1944;
Louis G. Cox, '43, Winterville, killed in a plane crash near Rich-
mond, Virginia, August 12, 1944;
Roy T Cox, '31--'38, brother of Louis, killed in 1943 while on
naval duty in the Pacific;
Eric F. Davis, '27, Zebulon, killed in action in the Philippines in
January 1942;
Norwood H. Dobson, '39, Ellenboro, killed in a plane crash over
Cape Cod, Massachusetts, May 8, 1944;
James G. Early, '41, Aulander, lost in the Atlantic toward the end
of the war;
Opie Gray Edwards, Jr., '42, Spring Hope, killed in the spring of
Thomas B. Elliott, '40, Woodland, killed in action over Italy July
20, 1944, while serving as bombardier aboard a crippled plane that
crashed into the Apennine Mountains;
John Edward Ferguson, Jr., '43, Greensboro, died at Fort Mc-
Pherson, Georgia, September 22, 1944;
Joseph Chandler Ford III, '39, Cadillac, Michigan, died of wounds
May 8,194-4;
Robert A. Goldberg, '42, Wilmington, lost in a flight from the
aircraft carrier Block Island off Okinawa on May 27, 1945; he had
been a popular debater and president of the student body;
Thomas Spencer Gilliam, '36, Statesville, killed in a plane crash
May 8,1942;
George W. Gilpin, '41, Atlantic City, New Jersey, killed in North
Africa in April 1943;
Eugene Basil Glover, '43, Roanoke Rapids, killed in Luxembourg
December 17, 1944;
Edgar T. Harris, '41, Washington, an infantryman killed in France
June 21, 1944;
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