given so completely of themselves in our behalf in the past months. We are
devoutly dedicated to the future of Wake Forest College and we are anxious
to join with you in building that future.
To those who have expressed misgivings and concern about the envi-
ronment on our campus we can only say: We too are seeking earnestly to
build a great Christian institution of higher learning, and we invite you to
come to our campus and see if we are not true to that purpose.
It was a gracious message, carefully thought out and eloquently
phrased, and the convention was equally gracious in its reply:
The Baptist State Convention is grateful for the wonderful spirit dem-
onstrated in your communication to the convention this morning.
We are convinced that during the past year the relationship between Wake
Forest College and the Baptist State Convention has been strengthened
Your special message is further evidence of the ties that bind us together.
For 130 years Wake Forest College and the Baptist State Convention have
labored together in the common cause of Christian higher education, and in
this relationship we have built one of the finest colleges in America. We
confidently expect this mutually beneficial relationship to continue, and we
readily assure you of our love and support.
Looking back over the campus actions and attitudes a week later,
Dr. Richard C. Barnett, a son-in-law of Dr. Tribble who was then an
assistant professor of history at Wake Forest, wrote in the Biblical
Recorder, "Altogether, the entire reaction―transmitting apparent
defeat into victory―was an amazing, gratifying, praiseworthy thing
almost defying explanation. It was simply magnificent. Seldom has
there been such a spirit of unity on this or any other campus."
There were other afterthoughts on the convention business in the
state Baptist publication. Rev. John C. Gill, a Wilmington minister,
wrote: "Once again Wake Forest College was not afforded the
confidence of the convention. And neither was President Harold W.
Tribble. For many, many years, Dr. Tribble has served the cause of
Jesus Christ, through his and our denomination. He has served
faithfully and with tremendous industry. That he has made no mis-
takes as he served, I am sure he would be the first to deny. But his
contributions as a Christian leader and teacher are both undeniable
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