Frances Lee Hunt, '40, missing over France August 12,1944;
Jack A. Hutchins, Jr., '37, Spencer, killed at sea while serving in
the air corps in the Pacific December 11, 1941;
Richard J. Hoyle, '41, Wakefield, killed in an airplane crash at El
Toro, California, April 17,1944;
James E. Jennings, '42, Raleigh, missing in action in 1943;
Thomas C. Johnson, '41, Durham, missing in the South Pacific,
later declared dead;
Christopher Billy Lambert, '40, Ridgewood, New Jersey, killed in
a plane crash in February 1943;
Thomas Percy Laney, '35, Monroe, killed in France August 1,
William A. Lovette, Jr., '40, Elizabethtown, killed in action in
North Africa April 20,1944;
John McAleenan, '43, Daytona Beach, Florida, died February 10,
Frank P. McCarthy, '38, Newtonville, Massachusetts, killed on
Midway Island in June 1942;
Lawrence E. McDaniel, Jr., '38, Jackson, killed in the Philippines
April 14, 1942;
Wheeler Martin, Jr., '38, Williamston, missing and presumed dead
after a flight over Japan March 10, 1945; he was a grandson of Dr.
William Louis Poteat;
Harry L. Matthews, '39, Gatesville, killed in a plane crash Feb-
ruary 16, 1942;
Dallas Morris, '37, Charlotte, killed in a plane crash September
11, 1942;
Kenneth L. Nelson, Jr., '43, Summit, New Jersey, killed in France
November 23,1944;
James J. Page, '37, Autryville, killed in a plane crash in Helena,
Arkansas, July 24, 1943;
Douglas W. Parker, '41, Colerain, lost in a flight over Burma June
28, 1944;
John W. Perry, '43, Raleigh, died June 8, 1945, of wounds
suffered in action with the marines in the Pacific;
Asa Biggs Phelps, Jr., '39, Windsor, killed in France January 24,
Frank E. Phillips, Jr., '40, Worcester, Massachusetts, killed while
serving with the marines in the Pacific July 9, 1944;
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