War and Its Aftermath 11
L. Banks Ray, 43, Irvington, killed in France March 16, 1945;
William A. Roach, Jr., '40, Lumberton, killed in an air raid over
Germany May 14, 1944;
Paul M. Rowles, '42, Baltimore, Maryland, reported missing in
action over Germany in May 1944, later presumed dead;
Thomas Russell Sherrill, '41, Greenville, South Carolina, killed
over Europe May 22,1944;
Henry C. Sinclair, '37, Norwood, killed at Pearl Harbor February
Bernard W. Spilman, '41, Greenville, died at sea November 3,
James T. Spivey, '42, Windsor, killed in a midair collision off the
coast of California March 3, 1944;
Benjamin F. Steelman, '35, Asheville, killed December 21, 1943;
Laddie W. Taylor, '40, Rocky Mount, killed in action over New
Guinea in December 1943;
Leroy James Teachey, Jr., '41, Rose Hill, died March 2, 1944;
Oliver Cromwell Turner, '41, Gatesville, killed in a plane crash
March 21, 1943;
James Cornelius Varner, '41, Gibsonville, missing in action in the
Southwest Pacific August 31, 1944;
Arthur C. Vivian, Jr., '42, Westfield, New Jersey, killed on Guam
August 1, 1944;
George W. Wirtz, '38, Princeton, Indiana, killed in a railroad ac-
cident June 19, 1943, at Napanee, Indiana;
Kenneth Wodenschek, '41, Woodridge, killed in North Africa
September 25, 1943 while piloting a Flying Fortress;
Carroll Thomas Wood, '41, Enfield, died of wounds August 1,
In addition to these alumni, Hill Walker, son of football Coach
Douglas C. Walker, was killed in a B-17 training crash in Texas.
A few more fortunate than those listed above were initially re-
ported missing in action but were found alive in German or Japanese
prison camps as the war ended.
The 1945 Howler was dedicated to Wake Forest men in all
branches of the military service and in the merchant marine. A
number of those servicemen wrote back to the editors of various
college publications, invariably nostalgic, often telling of reunions
with other Wake Forest men at military bases around the world.
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