overlooking of irritation and annoyance, his sound advice, patient
imperturbability, and wise guidance. We cherish his friendship."
Judge Hubert Olive, chairman of the Board of Trustees, said that
"in the history of Wake Forest, many heroes you will find, but no star
will shine brighter than that of Dean Bryan."
In anticipation of Dr. Bryan's retirement, the college in September
1956, had invited Dr. William C. Archie, then associate dean of
Trinity College at Duke University, to join the administration with the
understanding that he would become Wake Forest's dean a year later
when Dr. Bryan stepped down. Among Dean Archie's first acts were
the appointments of Dr. John W. Nowell, professor of chemistry, as
assistant dean in charge of upperclassmen and Dr. Edwin G. Wilson,
associate professor of English, as assistant dean with responsibility
for underclassmen.
Archie was no stranger to Wake Forest, having taught French on
the old campus from 1933 until 1942. A native of Salisbury, he was a
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