The College Administration 187
To succeed him, as already noted, Harold S. "Pete" Moore was
employed, and he inherited a highly skilled staff. Among its members
were Royce R. Weatherly, who had been with the college since 1947,
and Melvin Q. Layton, a former football player who had joined the
staff in 1951. In Dr. Tribble's report on his seventeen years as
president special mention was made of this department:
As an engineering graduate of the University of Virginia, Mr. Moore was
exceptionally well qualified in training and experience and temperament to
direct the program that was taking shape on the new campus. In his quiet
manner he carried a significant share of the responsibility for the
construction work and for establishing a program of maintenance. When the
college moved in 1956, all members of the maintenance staff were given an
opportunity to continue with the college in the new location. I was
especially glad that the two top men in this department made the move with
us. Mr. Weatherly was put in charge of internal maintenance, while Mr.
Layton was given direction of all outside maintenance. Both men have
rendered excellent service, always giving their best within and beyond the
call of
As noted previously, Rev. Eugene Olive resigned as pastor of the
Wake Forest Baptist Church in 1947 to do public relations, editing,
and alumni work for the college. He was succeeded as pastor and
chaplain by Dr. J. Glenn Blackburn, minister at Lumberton's First
Baptist Church, who had been a teaching fellow under Dr. Tribble
years before at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. A native
of West Jefferson, he attended Wake Forest and became a leader in
campus religious and forensic activities. He had planned a career in
law, but after his graduation in 1935, he went to the seminary and
earned master's and doctoral degrees. His selection for the Wake
Forest ministry was applauded, because a year earlier he had been a
popular participant in Religious Focus Week on the campus.
When the college moved to Winston-Salem, Dr. Blackburn was
called to become pastor of the new Baptist church which would meet
in Wait Chapel and to continue as college chaplain. A faculty self-
study had recommended that the pastorate and the chaplaincy be
separated, and because Dr. Blackburn's responsibilities to the church
community were increasing, he was allowed to devote his full time to
those cares beginning in the spring of 1958. Dr. J. A. Easley of the
Religion Department was named interim chaplain, pending the
selection of a permanent officer.
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