W Lovett, a graduate of Oglethorpe University who was also working
toward completion of his doctorate, with emphasis upon eighteenth-
century literature, at Emory University.
The academic year which began in the fall of 1964 brought Clar-
ence Walhout and Doyle R. Fosso to the English Department. Wal-
hout held the doctorate from Northwestern University with
concentration on American literature. Fosso, whose primary interests
were early English literature and Shakespeare, was a Harvard
graduate working toward a doctorate at that university.
With the exception of Dr. Broderick, all of the younger teachers
mentioned above remained on the faculty through the Tribble era, and
there were several later recruits who came to the English Department
as tenured members. Two arrived in 1965. They were Dr. Lee H.
Potter, who had earned his doctorate at the University of North
Carolina and whose primary interest was in modern literature, and
Bynum Shaw, a Wake Forest graduate who returned to the college as
lecturer in journalism after seventeen years of newspaper experience
in the United States and abroad. In the spring of 1967 Thomas F.
Gossett, who held a doctoral degree from Minnesota and had many
years of teaching behind him, was appointed a full professor with
major responsibility for American literature.
Others who taught for brief periods included: Robert L. Holt, 1944-
47; Jack W. Futrell, 1947-51; Ethel K. Smith, 1947-51; William
Hadley Robbins, 1948-50; Annibel Jenkins, 1950-55; Barrett Rives
Richardson, 1950-51; Chauncey B. Ives, 1954-55; Sue N. Greene,
1955-56; Robert R. Howren, 1956-62; Russell J. Wood, 1956-58;
Clyde H. Dornbusch, 1957-62; Charles W. Gay, 1957-58; William
Oliver Harris, 1957-60; Henry Conrad Warlick, 1957-60; Billy James
Davis, 1958-62, and Peter Kingsley Elkin, spring of 1959.
Also, Richard B. Eaton, 1960-64; Mary K. Sanders, 1960-61; Anne
T. Shorter, 1960-62, part-time; Robert A. Wheeler, 1960-64; Ray
Dempsey, 1960-62; Reid B. Sinclair, 1961-63; Charles E. Ward,
1961-62; D. Allen Carroll,1962-64; Emily L. Herring, 1962-64; Leon
H. Lee, 1962-64; Elizabeth V. Efird, 1963-65; Annette M. Woodlief,
1963-64; Billie Owens Adams, 1964-66; Robert Lamar Bland, 1964-
67; Clarence F. Ikerd, 1964-66; Charles H. Woodell, 1964-66; James
Harry Bunn, 1965-66; Ida M. Hollowed, 1965-66; Thomas A. Gray,
1966-67; William M. Hagen, 1966-67, and Judy Jo Worley Small,
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