Things Academic 221
compiled in June 1964, McDonald said that the traveling choir had
sent a total of seven hundred singing ambassadors on the road. They
had given more than 375 performances in churches, hospitals, and
civic meetings from Washington, DC, to Florida.
The department offered a major in music leading to a bachelor's
degree, but until 1967 the number of majors was rarely more than two
a year. Many of those taking lessons in piano, voice, organ, violin,
flute, and other instruments were majors in other departments, and the
college felt that McDonald and his staff were rendering a valuable
service in encouraging students to pursue music as an avocation.
In 1943 the Department of Philosophy and Psychology boasted a
single teacher, Dr. A. C. Reid, who first taught at the college in 1917.
Over the years Dr. Reid had served the college in many ways, and his
guest appearances in church pulpits throughout the state created a
great deal of good will toward Wake Forest. His deep dedication as a
Christian permeated all of his classes, and students of Plato and Kant
got large doses of theology along with their studies in philosophy and
psychology. Before his retirement in 1965, Dr. Reid talked about the
approach he had used in teaching. "Education," he said, "is an earnest,
sincere, persistent desire to know. Education is a guide to wisdom.
Wisdom is an awareness of God. I think I can boil down all I've been
trying to do to this―to lead men to a mature experience of the Living
Although some of his best students did not always agree with him,
his influence upon their lives was profound and they were quick to
acknowledge it. Dr. Alban G. Widgery, who headed the Department
of Philosophy at Duke University for many years, said in his
autobiography, "A Philosopher's Pilgrimage," that Dr. Reid was "the
best teacher of philosophy I have ever known" and one of the four
most unforgettable men he had ever encountered. "His demeanor is so
modest that for many he might be quite unnoticeable," Widgery
In association with him …one gets an awareness of his spiritual worth….
He has not simply instructed his pupils in ideas philosophers
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