Meanwhile Ernest W. Glass, a 1944- graduate, served briefly;
1947-48, as an instructor in religion. He would go on to a rewarding
career as a missionary in Singapore and a North Carolina pastor. In
1948 George J. Griffin, a specialist in church history, joined the
faculty as an associate professor. A graduate in the Class of 1935, he
had studied at Southern Baptist Seminary and at Yale University and
held a doctorate from the University of Edinburgh. For eight years he
had been a pastor in Zebulon. Luther J. Morriss was added to the staff
in 1948 as a part-time instructor. A graduate of Davidson, he held a
master's degree from Wake Forest and had filled several North
Carolina pulpits. In the fall of 1949 Henry E. Walden, a Wake Forest
graduate who held a doctorate from Southern Baptist Seminary,
joined the staff to teach pastoral theology. He stayed only one year.
When the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary opened on
the campus in the fall of 1951, Dr. Lovelace reduced his teaching load
with the college in order to offer a seminary course. At the end of that
school year he resigned to join the seminary faculty.
In 1952 two appointments were made: Willard Hamrick to teach
Bible and Nan Leonard in religious education. The latter was a Wake
Forest graduate who held a master's degree from Yale. Before coming
to the faculty she had been minister of education at the Myers Park
Baptist Church in Charlotte. After a year of teaching she resigned to
be married. Dr. Hamrick was a graduate of the University of North
Carolina who had earned a doctorate at Duke. Before joining the
Wake Forest faculty he had been a fellow at the American Schools of
Oriental Research in Jerusalem. Soon after his arrival he gave a
showing of pottery, beads, and knives he had unearthed while
studying pre-Israelite antiquities around Jericho. Hamrick's wife
Shirley joined the staff of the Admissions Office in 1957 and
subsequently became associate director.
In 1953 Robert L. Newton was added to the staff, replacing Nan
Leonard. When the college was about to move to Winston-Salem in
1956, he resigned, as did Luther J. Morriss. The next appointment was
that of Dr. John W. Angell, who had been chaplain at Campbell
College and pastor of the Buie's Creek Baptist Church before ac-
cepting a teaching position at Stetson University. A graduate of Wake
Forest, Class of 1941, Angell held the S.T.M. degree from
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