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other year to receive a master's degree. At the Southern Baptist
Theological Seminary, where he was a classmate of Dr. Tribble,
Herring was awarded the Th.M. degree in 1922 and the Th.D. in
1924. Before accepting the pulpit of the Watts Street Baptist Church
in Durham in 1939, he had served pastorates in Maysville and Win-
chester, Kentucky. Upon joining the Wake Forest faculty in 1946, Dr.
Herring also became pastor of the nearby New Hope Baptist Church.
He was awarded an honorary doctoral degree by Georgetown College
in Kentucky in 1948. As a teacher Herring specialized in New
Testament subjects, and hundreds of students were enrolled in his
courses on the lives and teachings of Jesus and Paul.
By 1967 the curriculum in religion was offered in four groupings:
biblical studies, Christian ethics, religious education, and historical
and theological studies.
Romance Languages18
Instruction in modern languages was the discipline hardest hit
during the years of World War II. When Paul D. Berry and Robert M.
Browning left for military duty, German was abandoned altogether.
The departure of Harold D. Parcell and William C. Archie for war
service left French instruction to Lois Johnson, dean of women, and
Mrs. Kathryn D. Wyatt, with the part-time help of Mary Paschal.
Daughter of Dr. George W. Paschal, Mary was a 1943 graduate of
Wake Forest. She later became a full-time instructor, earned her
master's at the University of North Carolina in 1953, and remained on
the Wake Forest faculty until 1958. Nell Dowtin handled the Spanish
classes and stayed with the college until 1948.
By 1947 the return of the veterans and the general interest in
language study generated by the war saw the demand for training
rapidly increasing. That fall the number of students enrolled in
modern languages grew to 900, as compared with 579 a year earlier.
Dr. Parcell's resumption of the chairmanship brought strong support,
and a number of short-term instructors were employed to handle the
overflow. Parcell, incidentally, would remain chairman through the
Tribble era.
Among those recruited to assist in teaching were Cleo B. Tarlton, a
Meredith graduate, in French, 1946-48; Walter F. Harris and Grace
Anderson Mabe, Wake Forest alumni, both in French, 1947-
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