for the purchase of books as a memorial to their parents, Dr. Louis T.
and Nannie Howell Smith. Income from the fund amounted to about
two-thousand dollars annually, and the first acquisition, in 1952, was
a Doves Bindery copy of The Canterbury Tales known as the
Kelmscott Chaucer. The purchase price was $1,103.81, and at the
time it was the most valuable book in the library
In early 1945 Col. Nevill Isbell, on leave from the Chemistry De-
partment, sent the college a hundred and fifty books "liberated" from
the former headquarters of German Field Marshal Karl Rudolf Gerd
von Rundstedt. The books were said to be of a "diversionary, light
novel nature."
Through funds contributed by the Friends of the Wake Forest
Library and others, a copy of the second edition of Holinshed's
Chronicles, published in London in 1586, was obtained in 1946.
Other important acquisitions at about the same time included the
Ellesmere Chaucer, a Polyglot Bible edited by Arias Montanus, the
first folio Bible printed in America (by Isaiah Thomas in 1791), and a
first edition of Webster's Dictionary.
Dr. Charles Preston Weaver, a 19o4 graduate known as the author
of the words to the college's anthem and later as president of Chowan
College, died in 1945 and willed the library a large gift of books.
Other substantial contributions came from Mrs. J. Rice Quisenberrv,
whose husband had been a professor of English, and Dr. C. Svlvester
Green, who was briefly associated with the college in a development
In 1950 Dr. George W. Paschal, Jr., an alumnus who was a Raleigh
surgeon, established a collection in the library in honor of his father,
the college historian, and his father's twin brother, Dr. Robert Lee
Paschal. The emphasis of the collection was to be the humanities, and
rather than isolate the books in one place, Paschal agreed that the
volumes should be shelved in their appropriate places. Each bears a
special bookplate designed by Primrose Paschal, wife of another of
the historian's sons, Dr. Francis Paschal. While the collection contains
many volumes of interest, an especially important one is a first edition
of the famous Nuremberg Chronicle, edited by Hartmann Schedel and
published by Anton Koberger in 1493. It is a general history of the
world from the time of the Creation to the reign of Maximilian I.
In 1957 there were two valuable accessions. Dr. Howard E. Jensen
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