The Graduate and Professional Schools 279
day: the Reign of Terror. One of them circulated a complaint in the
style of the Twenty-third Psalm:
Dr. Lee is my Law Professor
I shall not pass
He asketh me technical questions
He confuseth my mind
Yea tho I study in Brown until three in the morning
I shall flunk the finals
For Lee is against me
His notes and his lectures they puzzle me
He contradicteth my answers before me
In the presence of my classmates.
A terror Lee was and remained all of his teaching days, but the
hypothetical situations he propounded to illustrate the rules of law
riveted the attention of his students and stayed with them years
afterward as they practiced the principles he taught.
Dr. Lee's days as dean came to an untimely end. In the winter of
1948-49 he sustained a severe blow on the head when he accidentally
bumped into a door at his home. In a series of surgical procedures to
repair a ruptured artery he lost one eye and was incapacitated for
more than three months. Although he returned to full-time teaching in
the spring of 1949, he thought it best to relinquish his administrative
duties and resigned as dean effective June 30, 1950. With but
occasional leaves thereafter he devoted his considerable talents to
teaching, and generations of Wake Forest lawyers remember him with
affection and respect.
On March 6, 1950, the Board of Trustees directed a search com-
mittee to find a successor to Dr. Lee, and after considerable persua-
sion the committee induced Carroll W. Weathers, who was a member
of the board, to take the job. Weathers, a prominent Raleigh attorney,
was formally appointed dean at the trustee session of May 4, 1950,
the same meeting that confirmed the presidency of Harold W. Tribble.
There was a paradox in those two selections: Tribble came to Wake
Forest pledged to move the college to Winston-Salem; Weathers, as
related in Chapter II, had strong reservations about the move and in
1946 had cast the only trustee vote against the contract with the Z.
Smith Reynolds Foundation.
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