The Graduate and Professional Schools 293
studied on the old campus, they constituted a student body of seventy-
Some of the professors who had taught medicine on the old campus
did not make the move―Dr. Kitchin, of course, and Dr. George C.
Mackie, the college and town physician. But Carpenter put together a
strong faculty, some of its members recruited from the medical men
of Winston-Salem. Among them were:
Dr. Herbert M. Vann, professor of anatomy, who was associated
with the Medical School almost continuously from 1919 until his
death in 1951;
Dr. Camillo Artom, a world-famous professor of biochemistry who
came to Wake Forest from the University of Palermo in 1937 as a
refugee from the Mussolini dictatorship; he was especially noted for
his research in lipids;
Dr. Wingate Johnson, professor of clinical medicine, a former
Wake Forest trustee who had been practicing in Winston-Salem; he
later was to serve as acting dean during Dr. Carpenter's absence in
Dr. Tinsley Harrison, first professor and chairman of the Depart-
ment of Medicine; he came to Carpenter's staff from the faculty of the
Vanderbilt University Medical School and left in 1944 to become
dean of Southwestern Medical School at the University of Texas;
Dr. Robert P. Morehead, chairman of the Department of Pathology;
he was a Wake Forest alumnus, Class of 1931, and was appointed an
instructor at the Medical School just after receiving his M.D. from the
Jefferson Medical College in 1936;
Dr. Howard Holt Bradshaw, appointed chairman of the Department
of Surgery at the time of the move;
Dr. Frank R. Lock, chairman of the Department of Obstetrics and
Gynecology; he had had a fellowship at the Tulane University
Medical School prior to his recruitment by Carpenter.
Two other professors who had been practicing medicine in
Winston-Salem were Dr. James A. Harrill, who was made director of
the Section on Otolaryngology, and Dr. Frederick K. Garvey, who
was made director of the Section on Urology.
Dr. Vann served as registrar, and Nola Reid was secretary and
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