complaint to the reporter: since admissions standards for men were
lower, women tended to be more ambitious and intelligent, and they
found it difficult to locate a marriageable man on the campus .5
Actually marriages between graduates were common, and history
belied the male charge that pretty girls did not attend Wake Forest. In
1954 a Wake Forest alumna, Betty Jo Ring of High Point, Class of
1952, was chosen as Miss North Carolina. She had been president of
the Publications Board and the Little Theater and a member of Tassels
honor society for women. Six years later Wake Forest sophomore
Ann Herring won the Miss North Carolina crown and was second
runnerup at the Miss America pageant in Atlantic City. She was the
daughter of Dr. Owen Herring, a religion professor.
Nor did Wake Forest women lack pluck. In 1958 Martha Mason,
who was stricken with polio in 1948 and had to live in an iron lung,
enrolled as a junior transfer from Gardner-Webb. She took up res-
idence in the Faculty Apartments with her mother and father, who
moved to Winston-Salem from Lattimore, North Carolina. Martha
attended classes by means of an ingenious intercom hookup, and her
mother delivered her written assignments and ran other academic
errands. At Martha Mason's graduation the mother was given a
distinguished service citation.
If Wake Forest men and women traded friendly barbs, they were
also capable of working together on some special and many longterm
projects. In 1963 a coeducational team made a tremendous impression
on national television in the College Bowl question-and-answer
program on CBS-TV After a number of elimination rounds on the
campus, a squad of four students was chosen to represent Wake
Forest. The members of the team were Diana Gilliland, a senior from
Louisville, Kentucky; Jim Shertzer, a sophomore from Bethesda,
Maryland; Florence Wisman, a sophomore from South Bend, Indiana;
and Frank Wood, a junior from Miami, Florida. Dr. David Hills of the
Psychology Department was their coach. In the first televised contest
they beat the University of Kansas City. In the second they won over
Emory University, and in the third they lost to Kenyon College,
whose team they had beaten in a pre-camera warm-up. Their poise,
good humor, and intelligence won many admirers for Wake Forest
and showed off the college at its best.
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