Jim Leighton grooming potential stars. Swimming, cross-country, and
track were also on the upswing.
Any account of intercollegiate athletic competition at Wake Forest,
especially football, would be incomplete without at least passing
reference to Willis E. "Doc" Murphrey, whose student career spanned
eleven years. He entered Wake Forest in 1946 at the age of eighteen,
put in time on active military duty during the Korean War, and
graduated from Law School in 1957, then a ripe old twenty-nine. For
three of his undergraduate years he was on the football team, and by
his own reckoning his total playing time was one minute, thirty-five
seconds. As an alumnus he attended every home football game, and
when spirits were low and the team losing, "Doc" Murphrey, always
wearing a straw hat, would charge down to join the cheerleaders and
implore the fans to raise their voices. To students of every generation
he symbolized friendliness, school spirit, and devotion to Wake
Of a considerably different sort was Fred Douglas Baker, a faithful
retainer of the Department of Physical Education of indeterminate age
who was known as "Major Bose." Nominally janitor of the
gymnasium, he performed numerous functions, and the stories
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