The Retirement of
Dr. Tribble
Dr. Tribble's last years in the presidency of Wake Forest College
were relatively placid ones. The convention battles were over, the
college was on a firm financial footing, the academic program was
strong, the faculty was productive, and most of the alumni were
willing to admit that Tribble, despite all the controversy that had
surrounded his administration, could take credit for steering a course
which had been of enormous benefit to the institution.
The editors of the 1965 Howler summarized the general attitude
toward the president in a graceful tribute which read:
Many rich and flowery phrases can be aptly used in a description of Dr.
Harold Tribble. But somehow they all fail to capture the simple warmth and
dedication of Wake Forest's president. Everything he does, from his friendly
smile for even the lowliest freshman to his untiring efforts to bring Wake
Forest to university status, shows his deep and personal interest in the
college and its students. Undergraduates and alumni alike can be assured
that, when all else fails, Dr. Tribble is "on their side," helping both them and
their alma mater to find their place in the world.
It was probably at the height of his popularity that Dr. Tribble
submitted his resignation as president to a meeting of the Board of
Trustees on October 14, 1966, to be effective June 30, 1967. Tribble
said that he was "tired, very tired. I need a long rest…. But this is not
what Wake Forest needs. The institution needs new and vigorous
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