been a millworker all his life. Invited to sit with the dignitaries on the
platform, he at first declined. Dr. S. L. Morgan, writing later in the
Biblical Recorder, compared Oldham's gesture to "the widow's mite."
He said that "Oldham's simple act will warm the hearts of thousands"
and "should inspire a host of others to cooperate to make the new
Wake Forest great."
4. A complete record of the items placed in the three cornerstones
can be found in the Alumni News for October, 1953, pp. 6-7.
VI A President's Trials
1. The circumstances of Walker's departure are related in Chapter V
2. The details of Preston's relationship with Dr. Tribble leading up
to Preston's resignation were supplied by Pat Preston in an interview
with the author.
3. The name was supplied by Mrs. Irving E. Carlyle.
VII A College on the Move
1. In 1957 the senior class, nostalgic for the sounds of the old bell,
raised $1,700 to purchase a bell forged in Holland. It was mounted in
the cupola of the library but in later years was rarely heard.
VIII Dancing to the Convention Tune
1. The author was a member of the student committee and editor of
Old Gold and Black.
2. After the votes were counted and the results certified, the paper
ballots were taken across the street to the Union Bus Terminal and
burned in its furnace.
IX The Trustee Proposals
1. See the discussion of this controversy in Chapter VIII. 2. The
reference is to events described in Chapter VIII.
X Stability and Growth
1. For more detailed information see Dr. Harold W. Tribble's
"Report and Appreciation to Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation
from Wake Forest University"
2. See Dr. Tribble's "Seventeen-Year Report of the Administration
of Wake Forest University."
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