5. The details for this section were developed by Herman J.
Preseren in his "History of the Department of Education, Wake Forest
6. The author is indebted to Dr. Wilmer D. Sanders, who compiled
an excellent history of the German Department as a Sesquicentennial
monograph. The material in this section is adapted from his work.
7. An excellent account of the History Department, called "History
and Historians at Wake Forest," was prepared as a Sesquicentennial
monograph by J. Edwin Hendricks.
8. The author, in a retirement tribute to Professor Clonts which ap-
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9. The author is indebted to Richard D. Carmichael, Ivey C. Gentry,
John W. Sawyer, and Marcellus Waddill, who collaborated in the
writing of "A History of the Department of Mathematics, 1942-1983"
The material presented here is adapted from that manuscript.
10. The author of this volume would like to express his
indebtedness and appreciation to Prof. Roland Gay. As a Wake Forest
freshman in the fall of 1940, he sat in Mr. Gay's College Algebra
class, hopelessly lost in a discipline which had always mystified him.
On the last day of class, Professor Gay worked out twenty problems
on the board and said, "Ten of these will be your final exam." The
student memorized every line without any comprehension
whatsoever, reproduced the ten specified problems on the
examination and got a course grade which, if not distinguished, was at
least passing. He has had warm thoughts toward Professor Gay ever
11. This account is compiled from ROTC records and news
12. This section is based in part on "An Account of the Department
of Music, Wake Forest University," by Paul S. Robinson.
13. This section depends in part on William Hottinger's "History of
Physical Education at Wake Forest University, 1834-1983"
14. This account is condensed from "A History of the Department
of Physics (1834-1983); by George P. Williams, Jr.
15. For the information presented on this subject the author is
indebted to Claud H. Richards for his section of the "History of the
Politics Department to May, 1983."
16. The material appearing here is a summary of "A History of the
Department of Psychology, 1958-1982," by John E. Williams, with
the assistance of Robert C. Beck, Robert H. Dufort, and David A.
17. The basic information for this section was gleaned from "The
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