2. Some of the material for this section was adapted from an
excellent and detailed study by Cama Clarkson Merritt, "The Wake
Forest University School of Law, 1943-1984." Her work is
particularly rich in biographical information. Parts of the account
presented here are taken from other college sources.
3. This is the testimony of Dr. Carpenter in his personal memoir,
The Story of Medicine at Wake Forest University, published by the
University of North Carolina Press in 1970. Some of the data in this
section are taken from that work. Carpenter was an excellent
physician and a competent administrator, but he was not a historian.
His slim volume (79 pages) scarcely does justice to Wake Forest
medicine, and the definitive history has yet to be written. In this
collegewide study the author can only hope to touch on the high
points in the Winston-Salem experience.
4. Ibid., p. 30.
5. The amounts are carried in President Tribble's annual reports. 6.
Carpenter, p. 43.
7. See the Alumni News for October, 1951, p. 6.
8. President Tribble's annual report for 1964-65.
9. Bulletin of the Bowman Gray School of Medicine, 1966-67.
XIV Student Life
1. Old Gold and Black, Jan. 14, 1949, p. 1.
2. 2. Ibid., Oct. 18, 1965, p.1.
3. See President Tribble's annual report for 1964. 4. Ibid., 1963.
5. Excerpted from the Winston-Salem Journal in Old Gold and
Black, Sept. 26, 1966, p. 7.
6. Presidents of the student body elected for the period covered by
this history were: 1943-44, Roscoe Mason; 1944-45, Stacy Kinlaw
was elected, but he graduated early and Clarence Bowen was chosen
to replace him; 1945-46, Henderson D. "Buster" Mabe, Jr.; 1946-47,
Samuel Behrends, Jr.; 1947-48, Horace R. "Dagwood" Kornegay;
1948-49, John Mathis; 1949-50, T. Lamar Caudle III; 1950-51,
Marion J. Davis; 1951-52, Dan Fagg; 1952-53, Charles Barham;
1953-54, Eugene Boyce; 1954-55, Coy Privette; 1955-56, Thomas
Frank; 1956-57, David Hirano; 1957-58, Larry Williams; 1958-59,
Harvey Durham; 1959-60, Donald Schoonmaker; 1960-61, Howard
Bullard, Jr.; 1961-62, Stanley H. Jackman; 1962-63, Ste-
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