Chapter Notes 367
phen Glass; 1963-64, William Constangy; 1964-65, Clifford B. Lowery;
1965-66, Jerry Partney; and 1966-67, Warren L. "Butch" Pate.
7. Editors of The Student: 1946-47, Jesse E. Glasgow, Jr.; 1947-48, Wil-
liam Hadley Robbins; Fall, 1948, Harold T. P. Hayes; Spring, 1949, William
F. Mcllwain and Walter Friedenberg, co-editors; 1949-50, Robert Sherrill,
Romulus Weatherman, and Bill Underwood, co-editors; 1950-51, Jewell
Livingstone; 1951-52, Carl Meigs; 1952-53, Thomas S. Mezger, Jr. and
Blevvn Hathcock, co-editors;
Byrd Barnette and John Durham, co-
editors; Fall, 1954, Frank Andrews; Spring, 1955, William Laughrun; 1955-
56, Owen Herring, Jr., and Shirley Mudge, co-editors; 1956-57, Hamilton
Richards and Dorothy Braddock, co-editors; 1957-58, Bert Walton; 1958-
59, Jerry Matherly; 1959-60, Janet Binkley; 1960-61, Dwight Pickard;
1961-62, Sylvia Burroughs; for 1962-63 John Rosenthal had been elected
editor, but in July, 1962, The Student was suppressed, as recounted in
Chapter IX. It did not reappear until the fall of 1964. For 1964-65, Jo
DeYoung; 1965-66, James Woolley; and 1966-67, Richard C. Fallis.
8. Editors of Old Gold and Black: Fall, 1943, Martha Ann Allen; Spring,
1944, Betty Stansbury; 1944-45, Russell H. Brantley until February, fol-
lowed by an editorial council made up of Charlotte Boone, Simmons Fen-
tress, Al Jennings, and Nan Lacy Harris;
Edgar E. Folk III, Bettie
Horsley, Sue Marshall, and Richard Brinkley as an editorial council; 1946-
47, William H. Robbins; 1947-48, Bynum Shaw; 1948-49, Robert Grogan;
1949-50, William Bethune and Herbert Paschal, co-editors, succeeded in
February by Bill F. Hensley; 1950-51, David M. Clark and Carol Oldham,
co-editors; 1951-52, Neil Gabbert and William N. Austin, co-editors; 1952-
53, L. M. Wright, Jr.; 1953-54, Wilfred Winstead; 1954-55, Daniel Poole;
1955-56, Charles Newman; 1956-57, Lloyd Preslar;
William A.
Connelly; 1958-59, Hannah Miller; 1959-60, John Alford; 1960-61, Ray
Rollins; 1961-62, Lynn Smathers; 1962-63, Ray Southard; 1963-64, Charles
Osolin; 1964-65, Lineta Craven; 1965-66, Carol Claxon and Sherry Pryor,
co-editors; and 1966-67, Sylvia Pridgen.
9. Editors of The Howler: 1943-44, Elizabeth Jones; 1944-45, Nancy
Easley and Bobby Creech, co-editors; 1945-46, Richard Griffin and W. T.
McLean, co-editors; 1946-47, Parley A. King; 1947-48, Campbell W.
McMillan; 1948-49, Judson Trueblood; 1949-50, Edward J. Friedenberg;
1950-51, Betty Isbell; 1951-52, Fred Upchurch; 1952-53, Kenneth Grigg;
1953-54, Guy Revelle; 1954-55, Motsie Burden and Parker Wilson, co-
editors; 1955-56, Larry Pearce; 1956-57, Douglas Graham and Kitty Booth,
co-editors; 1957-58, Jane Lewis and Bob Williams, co-editors; 1958-59,
Winfry Whicker; 1959-60, Ann Whicker and Bill Smith, co-editors; 1960-
61, Mary Gail Koontz and Don Phelps, co-editors; 1961-62, Suzanne Da-
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