Baccalaureate and
Commencement Speakers
1943 Baccalaureate Dr. J. A. Easley, professor of religion, Wake
Forest College. Commencement Emery B. Denny, associate justice,
North Carolina Supreme Court.
1944 Baccalaureate Dr. George D. Heaton, pastor Myers Park
Baptist Church, Charlotte. Commencement Gerald W. Johnson,
Baltimore journalist and essayist.
1945 Baccalaureate Dr. Ralph A. Herring, pastor First Baptist
Church, Winston-Salem. Commencement Dr. Sankey Lee Blanton,
pastor First Baptist Church, Wilmington.
1946 Baccalaureate Rev. C. Oscar Johnson, pastor Third Baptist
Church, St. Louis, Missouri. Commencement Rev. George A. Buttrick,
pastor Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church, New York City.
1947 Baccalaureate Dr. Harold W. Tribble, professor of theology,
Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Commencement Dr.
Theodore F. Adams, pastor First Baptist Church, Richmond, Virginia.
1948 Baccalaureate Dr. Olin T. Binkley, professor of Christian
Ethics, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Commencement Dr.
Kenneth Scott Latourette, professor of missions and Oriental history,
Yale University.
1949 Baccalaureate Dr. Edward Hughes Pruden, pastor First
Baptist Church, Washington, D.C. Commencement Robert Lee
Humber, founder, United World Federalists, Greenville.
1950 Baccalaureate Dr. J. Glenn Blackburn, pastor Wake Forest
Baptist Church, Wake Forest. Commencement Dr. Sankey Lee
Blanton, dean, School of Religion, Wake Forest College.
1951 Baccalaureate Rev. J. Winston Pearce, pastor First Baptist
Church, Durham. Commencement Colgate W. Darden, president,
University of Virginia.
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