1952 Baccalaureate Rev. George D. Heaton, pastor Myers Park
Baptist Church, Charlotte. Commencement Robert P Holding,
president, First-Citizens Bank and Trust Company, Smithfield.
1953 Baccalaureate Dr. R. Paul Caudill, pastor First Baptist
Church, Memphis, Tennessee. Commencement John S. Battle,
Governor of Virginia.
1954 Baccalaureate Dr. Robert J. McCracken, pastor Riverside
Church, New York City. Commencement Rev. J. Clyde Turner, pastor
First Baptist Church, Greensboro.
1955 Baccalaureate Rev. Broadus E. Jones, pastor First Baptist
Church, Raleigh. Commencement Gilbert T Stephenson, Pendleton
1956 Baccalaureate Dr. Willis R. Cullom, professor emeritus of
religion, Wake Forest College. Commencement Dr. Hubert M.
Poteat, professor of Latin language and literature, Wake Forest
1957 Baccalaureate Rev. Claude U. Broach, pastor St. John's
Baptist Church, Charlotte. Commencement Gordon Gray, director,
Office of Defense Mobilization, Washington, D.C.
1958 Baccalaureate Dr. Louie D. Newton, pastor Druid Hills
Baptist Church, Atlanta, Georgia. Commencement Dr. Robert J.
McCracken, pastor Riverside Church, New York City.
1959 Baccalaureate Dr. Herbert Gezork, president, Andover-
Newton Theological School. Commencement Dr. Francis P. Gaines,
president, Washington and Lee University.
1960 Baccalaureate Dr. Douglas M. Branch, general secretary,
Baptist State Convention. Commencement Dr. Lam Chi-Fung,
president, Hong Kong Baptist College.
1961 Baccalaureate Dr. Mark Depp, pastor Centenary Methodist
Church, Winston-Salem. Commencement Dr. Josef Nordenhaug,
general secretary, Baptist World Alliance.
1962 Baccalaureate Dr. Samuel H. Miller, dean, Divinity School,
Harvard University. Commencement Dr. Liston Pope, dean, Divinity
School, Yale University.
1963 Baccalaureate Dr. Carlyle Marney, pastor Myers Park Baptist
Church, Charlotte. Commencement Luther H. Hodges, United States
Secretary of Commerce.
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