Appendix C 377
Garland Alford Hendricks, professor, Southeastern Baptist
Theological Seminary, Doctor of Divinity, 1962.
Ralph A. Herring, pastor, First Baptist Church of Winston-Salem,
Doctor of Divinity, 1945.
Hubert Inman Hester, vice president, William Jewell
College,Doctor of Divinity, 1950.
Luther Hartwell Hodges, United States Secretary of Commerce,
Doctor of Laws, 1963.
James Fulton Hoge, New York attorney, Doctor of Laws, 1954.
Robert Powell Holding, Smithfield banker, Doctor of Laws, 1957
Leon Howard Hollingsworth, pastor, First Baptist Church of
Boone, Doctor of Divinity; 1959.
Chevis Ferber Horne, pastor, First Baptist Church of Martinsville,
Virginia, Doctor of Divinity, 1960.
Malloy Alton Huggins, executive secretary, Baptist State
Convention, Doctor of Laws, 1949.
Robert Lee Humber, founder, United World Federalists, Doctor of
Laws, 1949.
Mary Lynch Johnson, chairman, Department of English, Meredith
College, Doctor of Humanities, 1957.
English E. Jones, president, Pembroke State College, Doctor of
Laws, 1965.
Douglas Maitland Knight, president, Duke University, Doctor of
Literature, 1964.
Henry Hsieh Lin, president, University of Shanghai, Doctor of Laws,
J. Grafton Love, neurosurgeon, Mayo Clinic, Doctor of Science, 1952.
Robert James McCracken, pastor, Riverside Church of New York
City, Doctor of Divinity, 1958.
Carlyle Marney, pastor, Myers Park Baptist Church of Charlotte,
Doctor of Literature, 1963.
David Grier Martin, president, Davidson College, Doctor of Laws,
1959. Santford W. Martin, editor, Winston-Salem journal, Doctor
of Laws, 1956. James Alfred Martin, Jr., professor, Union
Theological Seminary, Doctor of Literature, 1965.
George M. Modlin, president, University of Richmond, Doctor of
Laws, 1947.
John Motley Morehead, Rye, New York, engineer and public
servant, Doctor of Engineering, 1944.
Odus McCoy Mull, Shelby attorney, Doctor of Laws, 1957.
Wayne Edward Oates, professor, Southern Baptist Theological
Seminary, Doctor of Literature, 1962.
George W. Paschal, Jr., Raleigh physician, Doctor of Science,
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