Appendix C 379
W. Herbert Weatherspoon, Raleigh attorney, Doctor of Laws, 1953.
Martin Dewey Whitaker, president, Lehigh University, Doctor of
Science, 1947.
Lee McBride White, Birmingham, Alabama, minister, Doctor of
Divinity, 1950.
Ransom Kelly White, president, Belmont College, Doctor of
Divinity, 1954.
Kenneth Raynor Williams, president, Winston-Salem State College,
Doctor of Laws, 1963.
William Harrison Williams, pastor, Pritchard Memorial Baptist
Church of Charlotte, Doctor of Divinity, 1958.
James Bennett Willis, pastor, First Baptist Church of Hamlet,
Doctor of Divinity, 1953.
Kyle Monroe Yates, pastor, Second Baptist Church of Houston,
Texas, Doctor of Divinity, 1947.
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