Preface ix
I War and Its Aftermath 1
II The Dawn of a New Day 25
III The End of the Kitchin Era 45
IV A New Hand at the Helm 65
V High Points and Low 75
VI A President's Trials 92
VII A College on the Move 107
VIII Dancing to the Convention Tune 118
IX The Trustee Proposals 135
X Stability and Growth 160
XI The College Administration 171
XII Things Academic 190
XIII The Graduate and Professional Schools 269
XIV Student Life 301
XV The Athletic Program 325
XVI The Retirement of Dr. Tribble 346
Chapter Notes 359
Appendix A Necrology 369
Appendix B Baccalaureate and Commencement Speakers 371
Appendix C Recipients of Honorary Degrees 375
Index 381
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