attachment, a separate confidential letter which is one of the most
curious pieces of correspondence in the archives of Wake Forest
University. Had Carlvle and Hutchins seen it, they would have had
confirmation of their suspicion that the fundamentalist Baptists of
which Warren was one-were trying to take over the management of
Wake Forest and hoped to use Tribble to accomplish that purpose.
In part, Dr. Warren wrote:
Having sent a copy of the attached letter to the members of my com-
mittee, now I want to "let down my hair" so to speak and give you a "brief"
sketch of the inside story
There are some things I would rather leave out but in an effort to help
you, I will state very frankly some of my impressions of the various angles
of the situation as it stands at present.
To understand our delay in recommending a president you must know
something of the background of the problem which confronted us.
For many years the Wake Forest trustees have been practically self-
perpetuating. The convention's committee to nominate trustees usually
accepted without question the list recommended by a committee from the
trustees. The control of the school, therefore, was narrowed to a compar-
atively small group of lawyers. No particular objection was raised as long as
the school moved on with a fair degree of satisfaction and progress.
During the past twelve or fifteen years, for some reason, a spirit of
cynicism, liberalism, independence, etc. has crept into the school and this
has been extremely distasteful to North Carolina Baptists. For example, the
convention voted against making Wake Forest a coed school. Immediately
following this decision the trustees opened the school for girls.
The most distrubing [sic] thing during the past five or six years has been
the drinking of Coach Peahead Walker and his most outstanding football
players. Complaints were repeatedly made to the trustees. Investigating
committees seem to major on explaining away rather than eleminating [sic]
the evil. Since Peahead could still go to S.M.U., for example, and bring back
$50,000 alumni groups protest bitterly against the expulsion of football men
for cheating on the basis that it could wreck the team. Along with this spirit
in the focal point of the school life cheating, gambling, immorality, etc.,
have been difficult to suppress. You are probably familiar with the story of
the expulsion of football students for cheating and the recent unfortunate
murder on the campus.
Our preachers do not expect a perfect school. They would be the first ones
to object to an over-pious Bob Jones or Wheaton type but they do want the
reputation of our college to at least approximate that of our state
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