along on the bus from the old campus a small magnolia tree. They
planted it in a row of elms near the site of the new chapel as a "livery
of seizen," which in common law signifies that a grantee has taken
possession of property by legal means.
Early in the program Mr. and Mrs. Babcock presented the deed to
the Reynolda property, that prime chunk of the estate of R. J.
Reynolds which was valued at $900,000. They were followed by Dr.
Casper C. Warren, chairman of the convention committee that had
undertaken to raise funds for the new campus through the churches.
His check was for one million. Dr. Tribble, saying that the goal of the
building program now had been raised to $15.5 million, reported with
some sadness another gift: a bequest of a million dollars from William
Neal Reynolds, who had died September
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