So many friends and colleagues—from the faculty, from the staff,
from the ranks of the alumni—have helped me during the writing of this
History that I dare not even begin to list them all. I hope that they will
forgive me if I do not mention them, one by one, but instead single out
a few people whose contributions have been necessary and continuing.
First, I want to acknowledge the authors of the fifteen “In Retrospect”
essays, all of them students during the Scales presidency. I hope that
readers of this History will appreciate, as much as I do, their memories
and observations as providing a perspective on campus life that I would
not have been qualified to give.
Members of the staff of the Z. Smith Reynolds Library have been
unfailingly ready to assist me, but I must name, as having been particu-
larly helpful, Julia Bradford from the University archives. I don’t know
how many times she has opened the locked door of the sixth floor stacks
so that I could explore papers and documents that I needed to consult.
When I have turned in my writing to athletics, I have regularly
sought the advice of Assistant Athletic Director William “Bill” Faircloth,
who was here as a football coach during the years about which I write.
Emily Richey in Media Relations has, again and again, found pictures of
Wake Forest athletes that I needed as illustrations for my text.
All the men and women in the News Service and in Creative Services
—Kevin Cox, Kerry King, Cherin Poovey, Cheryl Walker, Janet William-
son, and Priscilla Wood—have been available to give me information
and photographs. I realized anew how valuable and how loyal they have
been in their long-time service to Wake Forest.
The pictures in this History are the work of many talented photogra-
phers, including students (unidentified) working for The Howler, unknown
(to me) staff photographers for The Wake Forest Magazine, and the various
professional photographers whose pictures made their way, usually with-
out accreditation, into the University archives. I mention with gratitude
McNabb Studios and, because it is likely that I have used their work, the
names of “Cookie” Snyder, Claude McNeill, Bill Ray, and Hobart Jones.
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