visitation and victory
campus men and campus women. The Women’s Government As-
sociation (the “W.G.A.”), which had existed since the early days of
coeducation as an executive and legislative body for women stu-
dents, was, by its own initiative, abolished, and its functions turned
over to the coeducational student government. A new dormitory
on the south campus, located on the same street as Bostwick, John-
son, and Babcock Dormitories, all of them for women only, was
being authorized by the Trustees to embody an “experimental pro-
gram” for “multiple purpose use” by both men and women. Fifty-
six senior men would live on the bottom floor, with direct access to
the street outside, and 243 women would occupy rooms on the up-
per floors. A stated purpose for the new dormitory was to increase
the number of women students by about fifty percent.
The 1971 “Challenge” program, under the leadership of Chris-
topher Barnes of Cincinnati, Ohio, was entitled “The Challenge of
The Scales family (Laura, Betty, James Ralph, and Ann) in Rome, Italy
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