I also appreciate the contributions of Susan Mullally, who opened her files
to me and whose remarkable talents are visible here and there throughout
this book. (She and Emily Herring Wilson also created the Sesquicentennial
poster of 150 Wake Foresters which has been reproduced and is included
as a bonus for readers who want to see the faces of Wake Forest men and
women of our legendary past.) Ken Bennett, who is now the University’s
official photographer, has come to my aid whenever I called, and I offer
him my heartfelt thanks.
Anyone writing about the history of Wake Forest must acknowledge,
as I do, the presence of Professor Ed Hendricks, who is more familiar
with that history than anyone I know and who is always generous with
his suggestions and insights. Jim Barefield and Reid Morgan have also
been occasional and welcome advisers.
In recent months, as the book has finally come together, I have relied
on the generous support of Sandra Boyette, who has read what I have
written, made constructive suggestions, and been on all occasions a wise
and friendly counselor. Dave Urena, who is responsible for the design of
this book, has shown his mastery of his craft, notably for me in his creation
of the book jacket and in his page-by-page blending of text and pictures.
Susan Robinson used her characteristic skill and good nature when she
became my assistant on those occasions when Susan Faust was traveling
or on leave. And that leads me to the most important person of all: Susan
Faust, my steadfast assistant, whose good ideas have made their way into
this book, who reminded me day after day of what I might else have for-
gotten, who has reviewed every page of this History without showing bore-
dom, and whose good cheer always makes her a delightful person to be
with. She really deserves to be called my collaborator or even co-author.
Edwin Graves Wilson
Provost Emeritus
Wake Forest University
April 2010
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