visitation and victory
notes |
Professor of Psychology Robert C. Beck,
Associate Professor of History J. Edwin Hen­
dricks, and Professor of Political Science
Claud Henry Richards were awarded R.J.
Reynolds Tobacco Company leaves.
Associate Professor of Sociology [and Anthro-
pology] John R. Earle, Professor of Chemistry
John W. Nowell, Professor of French Mary
Frances Robinson, and Professor of Physics
Thomas J. Turner were appointed, beginning
with the 1970-1971 academic year, to the
chairs of their respective departments. Earle
was the only new chairman in the group.
Franklin R. Shirley,
Professor of Speech
and a Democrat, was
elected Mayor of the
City of Winston-Salem:
an achievement without
precedent in Wake
Forest faculty annals.
Associate Professor of
Political Science Don­
ald O. Schoonmaker
was elected President
of Winston-Salem’s
Experiment in Self-Reliance; he was also ap-
pointed Director of the University’s Winter Term.
Roland L. Gay was promoted to the rank of
Professor of Mathematics.
The name of the Department of Political Sci-
ence was changed to become the Department
of Politics. The Department of Speech became
the Department of Speech Communication and
Theatre Arts.
Four members of the College faculty retired at
the end of the academic year: Professor of
English A. Lewis Aycock, Professor of Biol-
ogy Elton C. Cocke, Professor of Classical
Languages and Literature Cronje B. Earp, and
Professor of Education Jasper L. Memory Jr.
They had all played important roles in the
history of Wake Forest on both campuses and
were regarded as having contributed mightily
to the best traditions of the College and Uni-
versity. Some of their achievements are dis-
cussed elsewhere in this volume.
Professor of Management Karl M. Scott from
the Babcock School (undergraduate division)
also retired.
Images of India, edited by Professor B.G.
Gokhale and including essays by Wake Forest
professors and former professors, was pub-
lished. Six contributors from the faculty were
Professors Banks from Anthropology; Bryant
from Romance Languages; and Barnett, Hen­
dricks, Mullen, and Tillett from History.
Professor of Biology Charles M. Allen was
named “Professor of the Year” by Old Gold and
Richard J. Murdoch (B.A., Pennsylvania Mili-
tary College; M.S. in L.S., Villanova), was
named Assistant to the Director of Libraries
and Curator of Rare Books and given faculty
Professor of Religion J. William Angell was
named Director of the Ecumenical Institute,
succeeding Brooks Hays, who continued as
Mayor Franklin Shirley
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