visitation and victory
In Retrospect |
UNC. Wake Forest trailed 0–13 going into the fourth quarter; after
scoring one touchdown to make the score 7–13, the Deacons regained
possession of the football on our own 7-yard line with approximately
three minutes to play, and 93 yards to go. For an underdog team that
relied almost exclusively on running the football, a ground-attack
victory seemed hopelessly out of reach, but Larry Hopkins broke for
a 39-yard run up the middle, and four plays later scored with 12 sec-
onds left on the clock. Lounsbury’s extra point gave us the margin of
victory in one of the greatest games ever played in Groves Stadium.
The 1970 team was a group of memorable athletes who were
probably the only ones who held a true conviction that we could
win a football championship. Such players as Larry Russell, Larry
Hopkins, Ed Bradley, Win Headley, Ed Stetz, Bill Bobbora and
Tracy Lounsbury never doubted their ability to succeed against
tremendous odds. The loyalty and resilience of these men molded
them into a band of brothers who have remained close to this day.
This championship validated our membership in the Atlantic
Coast Conference, and silenced those who had deemed it impos-
sible. In addition, it stood alone until 2006. The importance of this
championship cannot be perfectly measured, but it could be felt in
terms of renewed energy and pride on the part of our school, our
students and our emerging fan base. Once this was achieved, there
would always be hope that it could come again.
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