humanitate” |
and spring semesters were inadequate for covering the required
content of regular courses and that the winter term courses were
“thin” and even sometimes frivolous. Some of the departments—
mathematics, the sciences, and business and accountancy—were
particularly concerned about what they perceived to be the negative
effects of the “4-1-4.” When a faculty committee recommended
that the new calendar be extended for up to two years, during which
time it would be carefully studied, a motion of support for the pro-
posal was barely passed by the faculty, and only after much debate.
The house on the Grand Canal in Venice was furnished and
made ready to receive its first students. Assistant Professor of Clas-
sical Languages and Literature John Andronica was asked to be
the program director for 1971–72, and nine students registered
for the fall term. They had the unique privilege of being taught art
history by Terisio Pignatti, director of the Civici Musei Veneziani
A scene from Richard Sheridan’s The Rivals, performed in the Library theatre
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