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Most students would have been surprised to learn
that their student body president, H. William DeWeese, had a con-
vivial—albeit clandestine—relationship with Scales. Between lobs
in their frequent tennis games, DeWeese lobbied relentlessly for
the pressing civil-rights reform of the day: dorm “inter-visitation”
between men and women.
And most everyone would have been surprised to learn that
the two sneaked into a screening of the 1971 R-rated Carnal Knowl-
edge (a film which, DeWeese hastens to interject, the Supreme Court
of the U.S. unanimously decided was not obscene—“so that means
they watched it, too.”).
DeWeese, now the Majority Whip (and former Speaker) of the
Pennsylvania House of Representatives, recalls fondly the inter-
visitation debates and to this day keeps a prized note framed and
hanging in his capitol office:
11 Feb 79
Dear Bill,
You might yet
win a fight with
the Pres.!
Hang on.
in retrospect
A Convivial Relationship
By H. William DeWeese (B.A., 1972)
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