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Three members of the College faculty were
abroad in 1971–1972: Associate Professor of
Psychology David W. Catron, on a Fulbright-
Hays grant in Malaysia; Associate Professor of
Biology Gerald W. Esch, in Great Britain on a
grant from the World Health Organization; and
Associate Professor of Religion Charles H.
Talbert, in Rome on a grant from the Society
for Religion in Higher Education.
Professor of Sociology and Anthropology
E. Pendleton Banks, Professor of Religion
G. McLeod Bryan, and Professor of History
Lowell R. Tillett were given R.J. Reynolds
Tobacco Company leaves.
Awards for excellence
in teaching were given
to two junior faculty
members: Assistant
Professor of Economics
John C. Moorhouse
and Assistant Profes-
sor of Biology Peter D.
Grady S. Patterson, Registrar since 1924,2
retired and was succeeded by Margaret
Ruthven Perry, Associate Registrar and a
member of the Registrar’s staff since 1947.
James P. Speer II (Ph.D., Colorado) was ap-
pointed Assistant to the President and Visit-
ing Professor of International Relations.
Carlos O. Holder (B.B.A., 1969), Assistant to
the Treasurer, was named Bursar.
Professor of Mathematics Roland L. Gay and
Professor of Law Carroll W. Weathers retired
at the end of the academic year.
Two members of the English faculty were
promoted to the rank of Professor: Dalma
Adolph Brown and John A. Carter Jr.
Associate Professor of Mathematics Marcel­
lus Waddill was named “Professor of the
Year” by Old Gold and Black.
Assignments to department chairs, beginning
with the 1971–1972 academic year, were made
as follows: in biology, Associate Professor
James C. McDonald; in classical languages,
Assistant Professor John L. Andronica; in
education, Professor John E. Parker Jr.; in
history, Associate Professor Richard C. Bar­
nett; in physical education, Professor Harold
M. Barrow; in mathematics, Professor Ivey
C. Gentry; in English, Professor Elizabeth
Phillips; in philosophy, Associate Professor
Gregory D. Pritchard; in speech communica-
tion and theatre arts, Professor Franklin R.
Shirley; and in psychology, Professor John E.
Robert B. Scales of the custodial staff was
named Assistant Director of Residences.
Lucille (Mrs. A. Lewis) Aycock and Virginia
(Mrs. Elton C.) Cocke retired. Mrs. Aycock
had been in charge of the information desk
in Reynolda Hall since 1956, and Mrs. Cocke
had worked in the Treasurer’s office for almost
thirty years.
2See Russell Brantley’s article, “Three Wake Forest Gentlemen Retire” in The Wake Forest Magazine,
XIX (June 1972), 4–5. The “three gentlemen” are Roland Gay, Grady Patterson, and Carroll Weathers.
John Moorhouse and Peter Weigl
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