humanitate” notes |
The first speaker in the newly established
Irving E. Carlyle Lecture Series: James Reston
from the New York Times.
From the College Union: Alvin Toffler, the
author of Future Shock; Bill Russell, Boston
Celtics basketball star; comedian Pat Paulsen;
performers Livingston Taylor and Mary
Travers (formerly of Peter, Paul and Mary);
and a Francois Truffaut film festival.
From the University Theatre: Richard Sheri-
dan’s The Rivals; James Goldman’s The Lion
in Winter; Peter Weiss’s The Persecution and
Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat under
the Direction of the Marquis de Sade; Thorn-
ton Wilder’s The Skin of Our Teeth; and Shake-
speare’s The Tempest.
From the Artists Series: Marcel Marceau (in a
return engagement); Donald Gramm, Metro-
politan Opera bass-baritone; the New York Pro
Musica; and the Vienna Symphony Orchestra,
conducted by Josef Krips.
Also on the campus: Gerald Ford, U.S. Con-
gressman from Michigan; Vernon E. Jordan Jr.,
from the National Urban League; poet Kenneth
Koch; critic Dwight McDonald; New Left activ-
ist Karl Hess; historian Gordon A. Craig; liter-
ary critic Wallace Fowlie; newspaperman Tom
Wicker, sponsored by the North Carolina Com-
mittee to End the War in Indo-China; and ex-
hibits of drawings by Leonard Baskin and
portraits and landscapes by George Catlin.
On Saturday, October 9, about 750 students,
as well as assorted members of the faculty and
staff, went on a “trek” to the old campus,
paraded down the streets of the town, visited
the College buildings, admired the oaks and
magnolias, ate barbecue in Groves Stadium,
and heard a program in the Seminary chapel.
I was the main speaker.
Honored at the 1972 Commencement were poet
A[rchie] R[andloph] Ammons (B.S., 1949);
William C. Archie, Executive Director of the
Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation (and for-
mer Dean of Wake Forest College); Carl Bates,
president of the Southern Baptist Convention;
and philanthropist Anne Reynolds Forsyth.
The Commencement address was delivered by
Congressman Gerald R. Ford, whose son Mi-
chael was a member of the graduating class.
The baccalaureate sermon was preached by
James C. Cammack, pastor of Snyder Memorial
Baptist Church in Fayetteville.
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