Essay Concerning Human Understanding. President Scales presided
over an official celebration of this milestone event.
The Venice program, now in its second year, continued to receive
highly favorable attention. Wake Forest’s lease on the property was
extended until June 1974, and the Trustees authorized President
Scales to try to buy the Venice property for $250,000.
The Department of English, under the supervision of Instructor
Rodney Meyer, converted one of its classrooms into a “Victorian
Room” and furnished it with Eastlake Gothic chairs, as well as a
mirror, draperies, and other accessories, from the Philomathesian
and Euzelian Literary Society rooms on the old campus. In Winston-
Salem the societies had gradually ceased to exist.
On October 28 the $550,000 four-story annex to the School of
Law (the Carswell Building) was dedicated. New classrooms and
offices, as well as a conference room and an addition to the library,
Three administrators (Scales, Lucas, and Wilson) having fun in the snow
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