| the history of wake forest
Assistant Professor
of History James P.
Barefield received Wake
Forest’s annual award for
excellence in teaching.
Associate Professor Wal­
lace Baird was named
chairman of the Depart-
ment of Chemistry.
Research leaves were assigned to Associate
Professor of Anthropology David K. Evans,
Miriam Anne Glover (B.A., Duke; M.Div.,
Harvard) was appointed Assistant to the
Chaplain for the 1972–1973 academic year. She
was the first woman to hold this position.
Manuel Ralph “Manny” Cunard (B.S., M.A.,
Rhode Island), was named the first full-time
director of the College Union.
Associate Professor of Politics Jack D. Fleer,
Associate Professor of History James G. Mc­
Dowell, Associate Professor of English Rob­
ert N. Shorter, and Associate Professor of
Politics James A. Steintrager.
Professor of History David L. Smiley was named
“Professor of the Year” by Old Gold and Black.
Professor of English D.A. Brown retired.
Ruth F. Campbell (Spanish) and Paul S.
Robinson (Music) were promoted to the
rank of Professor.
Thomas P. Griffin, Director of Residences since
1956, retired. He was succeeded by Jeannie
Thomas (B.A., M.A., Denver). Robert B. Scales
was named Superintendent of Building Services.
Martha “Marty” Lentz (B.A., North Carolina)
was appointed editor of The Wake Forest Mag-
azine, succeeding Linda Carter Lee.
Marylou Cooper of Wil-
son, a member of the class
of 1974, was president of
the student body, the first
woman to hold that office.
William Lee Briggs of
Winston-Salem was presi-
dent of the College Union.
The Honor Council and the
Judicial Board were
chaired, respectively, by
William D. Stewart of
Spartanburg, South Carolina, and James Page
Williams of Charlottesville, Virginia.
John P. Elliott of Richmond, Virginia, edited
Old Gold and Black; Mary Susan Nance of
Fayetteville edited The Student; and Jan Ma­
rie Zachowski of Beaufort, South Carolina,
was editor of The Howler.
The first issue of Multifold, a new creative
writing booklet edited by Saleem Peeradina,
Old Gold and Black received a first-place
award for all-around excellence in the annual
Southeastern College Newspaper Competition.
Bill Beery of Wilmington was named “Student of
the Year” by Old Gold and Black.
Jim Barefield
Marylou Cooper
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