| the history of wake forest
participants in college life were doing and what, in athletics and at
cultural events, they were experiencing. Thus I have provided “Fac-
ulty Notes,” “Administrative Notes,” and “Student Notes” as well
as some of the highlights of the “Calendar of Events,” the “Year in
Athletics” and the Spring Commencement exercises. I have also
paid a moment’s tribute at the end of each chapter to members of
the faculty and staff who died during the year under consideration.
Believing that a history of this kind is also a record of data and
information that might some day be useful to future readers and
writers, I have included, at the end of the volume, various lists and
statistics that seemed to me important. I have looked at each aca-
demic department in the undergraduate college and concentrated
on the men and women in that department: their degrees, their
progress through the professional ranks, honors they won, and
services they rendered. Of necessity I have omitted much that I
would like to have said, but I wanted at least to recognize, however
briefly, each of my colleagues in teaching and research.
The appendices that follow the reports on the academic depart-
ments and that, except for the index, bring the volume to an end
explain themselves, I think. I hope that they provide information
that can—and will—be easily and conveniently used.
The Z. Smith Reynolds Library
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