books, golf,
and calendars
that the balloon did not move in a desirable way and the effect of its
message was diminished.
The faculty, aware of continuing campus unhappiness, replied by
accepting—by a vote of 132 to 43—a modification of its earlier de-
cision. The undivided fifteen-week spring semester would continue
to be the College norm, but faculty
members would be permitted to offer
four-week courses in January and
eleven-week courses, carrying three-
fourths credits, for the rest of the term.
Students, if they took a January course,
would be allowed, with faculty permis-
sion, to enter fifteen-week courses already
underway, attend for the remaining
eleven weeks, and receive three-fourths
credit. Obviously, such alternatives in
a curriculum would be difficult to man-
age, but for a few years the options re-
mained available.
Under the benign and far-sighted
leadership of Merrill Berth rong, Director of the Libraries since
1964, the Z. Smith Reynolds Library had continued to grow, and,
among other departments, the Rare Books Room, guided by Rich-
ard Murdoch, another informed bibliophile, had been strengthened
by valuable acquisitions. In November the most splendid of all gifts
to the Wake Forest Library arrived.
In the early 1930’s Charles H. Babcock had become interested
in book collecting and, using the Grolier Club list of One Hundred
Books Famous in English Literature, decided to purchase as many of
these volumes as he could find. He succeeded in buying eighty-nine
of the titles, seventy-eight of them in first editions, thus acquiring
“virtually every significant landmark in English literature.” He also
collected important books in American literature, including 679
volumes in Southern literature, most of them in first editions. In
addition, he purchased nineteen original autographed manuscripts.
On November 18 the collection that Charles Babcock had as-
sembled was presented to Wake Forest by his widow, Winifred Penn
Babcock, at a ceremony in the Rare Books Room1. A list of some
of the titles from English literature alone, all of them first editions,
Bob Shorter
See A Selected
Catalogue of Eng-
lish Books in the
Library of the Late
Charles H. Babcock
(Wake Forest Uni-
versity: Z. Smith
Reynolds Library,
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