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and calendars
professor at the Institute for Research in the Humanities at the Uni-
versity of Wisconsin. A native of France, she had written widely
and impressively on twentieth-century French literature, including
the works of Camus, Gide, and Proust, and, before going to Wiscon-
sin, had taught at Bryn Mawr College and at New York University.
During World War II she had served in the French Army and had
been awarded the Bronze Star and been made Chevalier of the Le-
gion of Honor. She had come to Wake Forest several times for lec-
tures and had received an honorary degree from the University.
In an autobiographical essay which she wrote for Contemporary
Authors3 Professor Brée said: “In 1973, I moved one last time:
Wake Forest University, a small liberal arts school in Winston-Sa-
lem, North Carolina, had invited me down to lecture, and to par-
ticipate in its Honors seminar. I had been impressed by the quality
of the students in those seminars, the ambiance of faculty-student
relations, to say nothing of the beauty of the place, and the mild-
ness of the climate. I was reaching retirement age: deeply attached
though I was to the Institute, when the provost of Wake Forest…
Authors: Autobi-
ographiy Series,
Volume 15, ed. Joyce
Nakamura (Detroit:
Gale Research,
1992), pp. 127–148.
See, in particular,
pp. 146–147.
Dolly McPherson Herman Eure
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