| the history of wake forest
delay and procedural technicalities all qualified and worthy appli-
cants.” It was understood by this decision that the President now
had the “authority to act on such matters, when in his judgment
the best interest of the institution requires it,” but he was also asked
to confer with “appropriate faculty representatives in designing
admissions policies.” This Trustee action would lead to a thorough
review of the College’s admissions procedures and to a reconsider-
ation of what should be done with high
school applicants who did not clearly
satisfy traditional, or “standard,” require-
ments for admission.
Every ten years the Southern Asso-
ciation of Colleges and Schools requires
each member institution in the Associa-
tion to undergo a comprehensive “self
study” in preparation for a reaccredita-
tion visit by a committee made up of
representatives from other schools in
the Association. In preparation for such
a visit, scheduled for March 1975, the
University appointed thirteen commit-
tees, each composed of five faculty
members, one administrator, and two
students, to assess the University’s
purpose, its organization and adminis-
tration, its educational program, its
financial resources, the faculty, the library, the professional schools,
student personnel, the physical plant, “special activities,” graduate
programs, research, and planning for the future. The work of all
thirteen committees was to be supervised and reviewed by a steer-
ing committee. President Scales asked me to serve as chairman of
the steering committee, and we began our thorough and rigorous
study in the fall of 1973.
The Age of Aquarius, as portrayed memorably in the Broadway
musical Hair, dawned again on the Wake Forest campus on the
night of March 6, 1974, when some two hundred students took off
their clothes and “streaked” nude down the steps of Wait Chapel,
across the grass of the quad, toward the library, through the reserve
book room, through Reynolda Hall, and back to the Chapel. They
Trustee George W. Paschal
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