books, golf,
and calendars
were cheered on by about a thousand spectators here and there.
Most of the streakers were male, though some women took part,
and four students, two male and two female, were identified and
reported to the Student Judicial Board, which dismissed the case.
Later, some students spoke hopefully about a clothesless streak to
Salem College or even to Chapel Hill, but after that one night of
Aquarius only an occasional nude student was to be seen publicly
anywhere on the campus.
At the end of the academic year, in pursuit of an idea presented
by Trustee chairman George W. Paschal (B.A., 1927), the Trustees
approved a plan for leaves by key administrative officials so that,
like faculty members who are assigned leaves, they could have a
“period of contemplation, study, and assessment.” President Scales
himself was assigned the first leave—from July to December 1974—
and I was appointed Acting President for those six months: obvi-
ously an experience for me that would reshape my responsibilities
and activities for the fall of 1974.
The Anthony Aston Society: from The Howler for 1974
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